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I am Thomas Zimmermann. I am the creator and maintainer of picotm, the system-level transaction manager. My professional interest is in transactional, distributed, and operating systems; systems development; and low-level programming.

I have been around in FOSS for roughly 20 years and been programming mainly in C and C++ since 2000. I have experience with the complete software stack, from hardware emulation in QEMU to Linux drivers to system’s programming to graphics programming with OpenGL and GTK+. I (re-)designed the low-level communication and driver architecture of Firefox OS during my time at Mozilla. I currently work for SUSE on the GNU/Linux graphics stack.

I hold a University degree in Computer Science (Diplom-Informatiker, comparable to M.Sc.).


My primary email address is You can also reach me at for anything related to Free and Open Source Software.

I’m also on GitHub and LinkedIn.

Papers, Publications and Presentations

Chemnitzer Linux-Tage 2018, video, slide deck
Presentation, Mar 2018

System-Level Transactions with picotm
Shortpaper, Feb 2018

FrOSCon 2017, video, slide deck
Presentation, Aug 2017

Tübix 2017, slide deck
Presentation on picotm, Jun 2017

Firefox OS (with Ming Yin), slide deck
Presentation at Hochschule für Telekommunikation Leipzig, May 2014

Profiling and Performance Workshop (with Gabriele Svelto), slide deck, examples
Workshop at Mozilla Paris, June 2013

Transactional Execution of System-Library Functions
Diploma thesis, Oct 2009

An Overview Of Model Driven Architecture
Student paper, May 2008

Plugin-based Isolation of Web Applications
Student paper, Jan 2008